they're all blood, you see

insert melodramatic title here

too many words
2 September
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Short. Bossy. Female. Sarcastic. Way too damn creative and geeky. Homo sapiens sapiens. Most days.

Friending policy: If you're here for the fic, you're more than welcome to stay. If I know you at all, I'll probably friend back. If not, not. Please don't take it personally if I don't.

Standard Disclaimer: Because I have an unsettling tendency to forget those. None of the characters, settings or other assorted whatevers you find in my works of fiction belong to me, unless thusly marked. They belong to the awesome, creative and probably filthy rich people who invented them. I make no money of the stories I write and I don't intend to rain on anyone's parade. I write solely for fun, nothing more. The same thing goes for the images I use to make icons and wallpapers.