December 9th, 2015


Wishlist Day 3 . BtVS/MCU . Buffy & Tony & JARVIS . Workaround

title: Workaround
summary: In which Tony cooks, Steve watches, JARVIS is... erm, helpful, and Buffy is the other woman. Or something.
fandom: BtVS and the MCU
pairings: gen
rating/warnings: Everything is crack and meatballs were definitely harmed during the making of this.
prompt:For polgara_5, who prompted Buffy, Tony and JARVIS, "Really, things were going a lot smoother before you showed up." You know, I think this is the first time I actually managed to put a prompt quote directly into the story. Did I manage that? Huh.
A/N: I hope you enjoy it, because I had a blast writing it.

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