December 6th, 2015


Wishlist 2015 . Day 1 . BtVS/tFtF . Buffy/Carter/Brian . against the fortress

title: against the fortress
summary: Reyes isn't the only big fish in Rio and Vince won't stop snickering for some reason. Sequel to she's liable to grow up mean
fandom: Fast and Furious Franchise, especially #5, which this diverges sharply from.
pairings: Buffy/Carter/Brian
rating/warnings: Canon typical
prompt:For thisis.thenewnormal, who prompted something in the liable to grow up mean verse, which features post season two Buffy ending up in the employ of Carter Verone.
A/N: Because I figured I should start posting at some point, instead of hoarding fics until Christmas...I hope you enjoy this snippet.

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