too many words (pprfaith) wrote,
too many words

Day 19 . Teen Wolf . Peter/Stiles . Enemy Action

title: Enemy Action
summary: Once is chance, twice is coincidence and three times is far too many bodies on the ground.
fandom: Teen Wolf
pairings: Pre-slash
rating/warnings: Angsty stuff. And murder. Graphic murder.
prompt: For the ever lovely reena_jenkins, who asked for Peter/Stiles, once is chance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action. I wanted to write fluffy murder boyfriends, but ended up slathering on the angst sauce and rolling around in Stiles' moral agony.

... The metaphor totally got away from me. I hope you like it anyway.

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Tags: fandom: teen wolf, fanfic, pairing: slash, project: wishlist 2015
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