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title: where you won't see any rising sun
summary: In which bodies keep piling up, his nephew is suddenly sprouting claws, and Sheriff Peter Hale is tired of the whole mess.
fandom: Teen Wolf
pairings: Pre-slash
rating/warnings: Angsty stuff. And murder. Graphic murder.
prompt: For peaceful_fury, who asked for Stiles, I find it kind of funny, i find it kind of sad, the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had.

Okay. Long A/N: This was my favorite prompt by far this year and I spent the first week writing nothing but this because I adore it, okay? And I hope you like it at least a little, because I had way too much fun writing this and you should. Because you gave me an awesome idea, okay?

Secondly, this concludes this year's Wishlist from me. It's only been 20 days, but I don't think I've ever worked this hard on a Wishlist before. All the prompts were so involved and fantastic that I ran myself ragged trying to do them justice. Thank you.

Also, +50k. Take that, NaNoWriMo.

Enjoy whatever holiday you celebrate. Pprfaith, over and out.

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title: Enemy Action
summary: Once is chance, twice is coincidence and three times is far too many bodies on the ground.
fandom: Teen Wolf
pairings: Pre-slash
rating/warnings: Angsty stuff. And murder. Graphic murder.
prompt: For the ever lovely reena_jenkins, who asked for Peter/Stiles, once is chance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action. I wanted to write fluffy murder boyfriends, but ended up slathering on the angst sauce and rolling around in Stiles' moral agony.

... The metaphor totally got away from me. I hope you like it anyway.

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title: blood beside the river
summary: In which being a hero is not a clean business.
fandom: BtVS/MCU
pairings: gen
rating/warnings: Angsty stuff.
prompt: For mermaidprecipice, (awesome name, btw) who asked for Buffy/Clint 'Not quite the good guys anymore'. I made it friendship instead of a romantic pairing. Sorry.

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title: Meet the Losers
summary: In which Faith finally meets B's toy soldiers. And finds she likes them. Wink wink.
fandom: BtVS/Losers
pairings: het and slash
rating/warnings: Dirty. So damn dirty, the humor!
prompt: For syddracc, who asked for Faith meeting the Losers in my Some you Lose verse. Which is not yet posted here.

The gist: Post Chosen Buffy hooks up with the Losers, gets the nickname 'Mom', tattoos, an attitude, and then leaves them in time for the movie to happen, only to help them out post-Max. Uploading the rest of this verse onto AO3 is a goal for the hols.

Also, fifteen years of writing fanfic, and this is the dirtiest thing I've ever written. And there's no sex in it, hot damn.

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title: i wouldn't dare ( to fix the twist in you)
summary: In which no-one gets Buffy and Loki, except for Buffy and Loki.
fandom: BtVS/MCU
pairings: het
rating/warnings: fluffy. So fluffy I could DIEEEEE!
prompt: For dancingxfire, who asked for Buffy/Loki, "No matter how far they wander, or how long they've been gone, they come home to each other."

The cute overload may kill you.

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title: Double Vision
summary: In which Buffy and Loki skip universe and meet... well, Loki.
fandom: BtVS/MCU/SPN
pairings: het
rating/warnings: fluffy, a bit violent, mostly happy. Temp character death.
prompt: For dharkapparition, who asked for Buffy and Loki surfing the branches of Yggdrasil and running into Gabriel past 'death'. You said season five was okay and then it went kind of sideways and I didn't even notice.

I'm sorry if this isn't what you wanted. I could try again?

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title: Buffy vs Avengers
summary: Three times it's 'versus' and one time it's 'and'. Vegas!Verse Avengers AU.
fandom: BtVS/MCU
pairings: het
rating/warnings: fluffy, a bit violent, mostly happy.
prompt: For stellarluna35, who asked for... the title, actually. Six years and counting, and I've never used a prompt as the title before. Huh.

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title: fairy mother
summary: In which the curse is broken and the Summers family collides with the inhabitants of Storybrooke.
fandom: BtVS/OuaT
pairings: gen
rating/warnings: fluffy, a bit angsty, mostly happy.
prompt: For songbirdie_101, who asked for a continuation in this verse, with the curse broken and the families colliding.

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title: dream a little dream of me
summary: In which Buffy has dreamt - for as long as she could remember - of a cage and a creature made of light inside of it.
fandom: SPN and BtVS
pairings: pairing hints, but mostly gen.
rating/warnings: Lucifer being the Devil, blood, violence. Canon typical
prompt: For xgirl2222, who asked for what the summary says, except that I feel this is more of a prologue to what you asked for than the actual story you wanted. I'm sorry.

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